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I have personally visited each of these projects and I can say the impact is nothing short of incredible. From slum schooling to micro-enterprising for widowed women we reach out to those who are searching for a hand up not a hand out. While many of the opportunities that we support center in India we also use our foundation to provide relief for disasters, such as the earthquake in Haiti. Join us as we use our product and mission to spread goodwill and joy to those less fortunate than us. Above all, I promise you that your good deeds and efforts will be etched in the memories of our beneficiaries for a long time to come.

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Many Thanks and Much Love, April
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Students supported by the Giving World in a classroom
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Just the Facts: How far a dollar can really go

  • Educate ONE child for a year in a Gali school......$38
  • Cost of books and pencils for TEN children for one year......$40
  • Pay ONE teacher's salary in a Gali school for one year......$450
  • Support stipend for FOUR women jail inmates "Weaving Behind Bars" for one year.....$550
  • Support a Gali school for 25 children for one year......$1150
  • Pay transport costs and salaries of 12 teaching staff members in a school in Vazidpur, UP for a year......$1850