Simple Seder Table

Simple Seder Table

The Seder meal is a sacred part of Passover that celebrates not only the liberation of isrealite ancestors but the beginning of spring! Here are a few simple steps to create your own beautiful Seder tablescape!

To start select a simple tablecloth and/or runner to create a nice base for the ceremonial table. Use solids and subtle patterns as to not distract from the meaning and significance of the holiday

The focal point of any Seder table is the Seder plate. It's a plate featuring 5 items that highlight portions of the Passover story called the Haggadah. The items are as follows and should be arranged in sections on each Seder plate. Tip: Buy a pre-portioned Seder plate! sederplate

  • "Zeroa," a roasted shankbone
  • "Maror," bitter herbs or horseradish
  • "Karpas," a vegetable such as lettuce or parsley
  • "Betizah," a roasted egg
  • "Charoset," a combination usually of apples, wine, walnuts and cinnamon

The table should also include these items:

  • Three Matzos set before the leader of the Seder

  • A wine glass "Kiddush cup" for each guest (It is customery to drink 4 cups of wine during the meal)

  • A wine glass set in the center of the table for the symbolic wine for Elijah the prophet

  • A Haggadah, the book that tells the story of Passover
  • haggadah
  • A pitcher and bowl for the hand washing portion of the ceremony

  • Two candles in candlesticks
  • An arrangement of spring flowers in the center of the table

  • A pillow on each chair. Consider monogramming them with your guest's initials!

Happy Passover!