9 Ways to Surprise Your Spring Senses!

9 Ways to Surprise Your Spring Senses!

It's spring and mother nature is changing her looks It's a perfect time to renew, refresh and revitalize! Surprise your senses by changing up your bedroom. Add fun, flair, and dash to your wardrobe. Make it a festive spring with a special dress for your favorite little girl.

  1. Introduce a fresh spring atmosphere into your bedroom. Your bedding, being your largest decorating piece can lead decisions for the rest of the room. Pick a favorite color palette from the quilt to guide your choices. Let the quilt become a focal point!

    A reversible quilt gives you twice the color options. Turn down the edge to create instant appealing contrast. The canvas of your room is now partially painted!

  2. Dandelion Dreams

  3. Add Texture. With velvet and jacquard, embroidery, rushing, and beadwork. Different shapes and sizes can give visual variety. Mix and match cheerful solid colors with complementary prints and patterns.

  4. Have several collections of pillows so you can easily and inexpensively change the color and mood of your room from season-to-season — even day-to-day!

    Change your pillows from warm yellows and corals in spring to cool blues and greens for summer!

  5. Cushion

  6. Place a chenille or crocheted throw at the end of the bed as a color accent; stack several of them in different colors for variation. A throw is a perfect cover-up for an afternoon nap on a quiet Sunday afternoon.
    *A throw also makes a lovely wedding gift that can begin an heirloom collection. Give a different style or color every year to celebrate an anniversary.

  7. Green Comfy Cable Throw

  8. Be Whimsical in your decoration! Use appliqués and beaded fringes to create playfulness in your décor.

  9. Bring fresh spring flowers into your home! A vase full of tulips or daffodils will rejuvenate your home and your mood! If you are not able to get fresh flowers, add a floral tablecloth to transform any dining area into a spring oasis!

  10. Willa Rose Tablecloth

  11. Step Brightly into Spring! With a new collection of sandals, you can easily and inexpensively change your look to complete every outfit, express a mood, and get noticed. Who says your feet can't have fun?!

    They can be playful with color and texture— choose flurishing florals for a picnic in the park, rich red stripes for a relaxed lakeside afternoon or delicate patterns for a summer cookout!

  12. Sandals

  13. Convey an attitude with a classic straw hat — practical for keeping the sun at bay and stylish at the same time. From mysterious to artistic, flamboyant, or simple country girl, a hat describes your personality.

  14. Straw Hat